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Here are 2 educational videos you may find helpful.

This first video is about 3 minutes and is just a quick overview of how Medicare works.

The second video is about 13 minutes long that addresses the majority of questions we get from people new to Medicare. It is a shortened version of our free educational seminar we offer each month. It will be very helpful!


Medicare is structured similarly to any health insurance plan in that it has deductibles and coinsurance amounts, or copayments, which are the patient's responsibility at the point of service. Because many on Medicare are also on fixed incomes, supplemental insurance is a popular way to limit out-of-pocket costs to more predictable amounts that the patient can manage more easily. There are four parts to Medicare:


A)    Hospital Insurance: Covers inpatient care in hospitals, nursing homes, hospice and some home healthcare.

B)    Medical Insurance:  Covers certain services from doctors and other healthcare providers, as well as outpatient care, home healthcare, durable medical equipment and some preventative medical services.  (You can have parts A and B).

C)    Medicare Advantage: This covers all parts A and B benefits and services and may also cover additional services such as vision, hearing and dental.  This may also include Medicare prescription drug coverage.  This plan is offered through Medicare-approved insurance companies.

D)    Prescription Drug Coverage: Like C, D is covered by Medicare-approved insurance companies.  This plan helps cover the cost of prescription drugs.  It may also help lower costs of prescription drugs and protect against increases.


There are eleven Medicare supplement plans available on the market today. These health plans are also sometimes called Medigap insurance, because they fill in some of the gaps in original Medicare.  Many of our clients choose Medicare Supplement Plans F,G, and N to help cover all or a greater portion of the costs Medicare does not cover. Our free service will help you find the best plan and company based on your needs and budget.


As independent agents we can offer multiple carriers. Some carriers even offer a household discount to help lower your costs. We can also offer Medicare Advantage plans for those interested in HMO or PPO type plans. These plans normally will include an Rx plan and offer monthly premiums much lower than a Medicare Supplement plan.  The Buckley Insurance group is committed to making sure that this process is as easy as possibly by providing you with many plans that fit your needs and budget.


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